Awaaz network is an independent UK based collective focusing on the politics in South Asia and the diaspora across the globe. It has never received funding for any government sources. It is not affiliated to any political party nor is it linked to any religious organisation.

Awaaz is funded through small donations and only when money is needed for campaigning work.


Awaaz shares a common platform of

  • Defending human rights and strengthening civil society organisations across the region

  • Defending the fundamental basis of secularism, i.e. the separation of the State and Religion

  • Strengthening the presence of equality, justice and peace across the region

We oppose the growth of

  • Communal politics and violence

  • Authoritarianism and Censorship 

  • Caste based discrimination and violence 

Since our inception in 1998/99 we have

  • Organised over 100 public meeting, forums and seminars across the UK, including in Parliament and South Asian communities in Southall, Brent, Leicester and Bradford attracting internationally celebrated speakers such as Anish Kapoor, Virender Grover and Indira Jaising

  • Coordinated 3 large mobilisations - the last was during the Modi Not Welcome campaign when he visited to the UK in November 2015

  • Created campaigns around the destruction of Babri Masjid, Gujarat 2002, the discrimination of the Indian/Hindu community in Malaysia, the killing of Tamils in Sri Lanka and the plight of minorities in Pakistan

  • Published seminal reports that have attracted media attention and used by researchers and community groups. The last was titled Narendra Modi Exposed: challenging the myths surrounding the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate

  • Created a social media strategy that is unmatched by others in the field.  We have over 11k likes on FB, and we are regularly sought by media outlets for comments

  • Supported action on family justice campaigns, such as the Dawood Family Justice Campaign – UK family killed whilst on holiday in Gujarat 2002 - and provided evidence for litigation purposes to either arrest individuals responsible for crimes against humanity or  for stopping their entry into the UK

Over the next year our aims are to

  • Create a global network of supporters to launch strategic campaigns

  • Strengthen a genuine secular and democratic political outlook amongst the South Asian communities in the UK and in the countries we can generate support

  • Provide commentary and organise forums on significant events throughout the region